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Japanese Symbols


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Our overall health and wellness is comprised of many parts. There's our physical, emotional, spiritual and even financial health and well-being. Strive for a well-rounded understanding of what it takes to live a happy, healthy life in today's world. From Meditation to Building a Happy Family Life to learning how to Budget and Save - you'll find it here at Karma-Net.

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Japanese Symbols Characters
Japanese Kanji is the beautiful stylized form of writing in Japan. Kanji originated in China thousands of years ago and is one of 3 main types of writing used in Japan. Kanji, Hiragana and Katagana. The latter two represent particular sounds in the Japanese language, while Kanji symbols represent concepts or ideas. Today Japanese Symbols are popular for their artistic look and are used for tattoo designs, artwork and more.

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When learning ends, we stop growing. Education should not be used just to reach an end result, such as a certification or degree. While that piece of paper may get you a job, it won't always nourish your soul. Take some time to learn something new just for the pleasure of learning. Isn't there SOMETHING that you always wanted to learn about, but that didn't fit into your career goals? There are literally thousands and thousands of courses available to you in just about any subject you can imagine..., and many of them can be studied online from the comfort of your home. Go ahead and let your imagination soar!

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