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Kanji Facts

Japanese Symbols, otherwise known as Kanji symbols or characters, originated in China thousands of years ago.

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Japanese Symbols

Japanese Symbols, otherwise known as Kanji symbols or characters, originated in China thousands of years ago. Although the Japanese language has fewer sounds than most other languages, it does have an extremely complex system of writing. 

The Japanese took over the ideograms, or kanji - Japanese Symbols, between the fourth and seventh centuries. At first used strictly in classical Chinese texts, the kanji were later adapted to Japanese as well.

Japanese Symbols Evolve

Under pressure from the occupying forces after the second world war, Japan's postwar Ministry of Education chose 1,850 kanji from the more than 50,000 available, for general use. This list has been revised several times since, but has in no way eliminated the use of Kanji at all. What's most amazing is that the average college graduate still needs over 3,000 Japanese Kanji symbols just to read the newspaper!

Custom Japanese symbol orders available. Find many other Kanji products at the Karma-Net Japanese Symbol Shop.

For more information on having your name in Japanese, visit our special my name in japanese web page.

Don't underestimate the importance of 100% accuracy when buying a Japanese Symbol translation - especially if you are buying a Kanji design for a tattoo, or other high-committment purpose!

The complexity of Japanese symbols meanings cannot be stressed enough. Japanese Kanji characters, for example, do not translate directly to English words and very rarely will you be able to define a Japanese Kanji symbol with just one English word.

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