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Natural Therapies


Natural therapy is the treatment method used by advocates of natural health, which is a form of alternative medicine.

One method of defining a natural therapy from the seven ideologies of natural health has five criteria.

  1. Its mode of action exists in the physical realm of existence. Includes any therapy designed to manipulate the human body alone or the mind - body connection. Considerable evidence exists to support an association between psychological states and immune function; with inflammation being one possible mode of action or mechanism. This would exclude any therapy designed to work in other worlds or dimensions that are invisible to our normal senses (such as trying to manipulate spiritual, karmic, or ancestral forces and personal auras or energy flows around the human body).
  2. The therapy can be physically measured or detected. The therapy must be visible to our normal senses. The therapy can be either about engaging in more, reducing participating in, or avoiding entirely specific activities or lifestyles.
  3. The therapy is targeted either at health, illness, and/or healing. The therapy must either promote personal health or treat/manage a specific health condition. What might be effective for treating a specific health condition, might not be recommended for promoting general health.
  4. The therapy is slow acting, simple and inexpensive. Natural therapies are slow acting because they rely on the body's innate healing abilities. The first choice for treating any health condition is always the simplest, safest, and least expensive method available. Unhealthy diets and lifestyles are corrected, first, before any nutritional supplements and herbs are taken to enhance the healing process.
  5. The therapy is under the control of the individual. The therapy has to target some aspect of lifestyle that is a matter of personal choice and, thus, can be changed by that individual.

Sample natural therapies


Going for an evening walk in the fresh air and sunshine.

STOP Smoking

Science has shown over and over again that smoking is a risk factor for most degenerative diseases.

Eating natural whole foods

Nutritional supplements

Research on the value of nutritional supplements for treating / managing specific health conditions has been generally favorable, depending on the specific supplement used and the specific health condition treated.

Specific supplements are effective only for certain health conditions.

Physical exercise

Exercise therapy has been proven by science over and over again to reduce the risk of getting most lifestyle diseases.

Stress management

Getting seven to eight hours of sleep every night.

Taking yoga lessons.

Practicing counting meditation.

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Natural Therapy